On March 18, a very promising ICO Synthestech will be launched. The advanced blockchain technology will enable the project to develop the disruptive technology of the 21st century.
It is about the technology for synthesis of precious metals using low-temperature nuclear reactions, also known as LENR and Cold Synthesis.
Although it might sound new, LENR has been known to specialists for a long time. The last century, Canadian scientists Fleischman and Pons demonstrated a device they used to carry out the cold nuclear fusion reaction. Some time earlier, a French scientist Kervran discovered that similar reactions occur in biological organisms. Over time, more and more data on this topic was accumulated, and in current decade, Andrea Rossi has created E-cat - a LENR device that generates electricity. There are reports, that the US Army has been recently supplied with 1MW E-cat devices.

Now, there is an idea to use Cold Synthesis to obtain rare and expensive precious metals of the platinum group - Platinum, Iridium, etc. It is a significant and promising project which can yield billions dollars in revenue.

Preliminary data of the Synthestech research group, outlined in the White Paper, indicates that they have produced valuable breakthrough innovations. And this is not surprising. A few years ago, Yasuhiro Iwamura, a Japanese researcher from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has demonstrated the process for platinum obtainment through Cold Fusion. However, the amount of the synthesized material, obtained via experiment, was microscopic and, most importantly, such synthesis method was too expensive. While the method, developed by Synthestech team, according to preliminary calculations, is economically more efficient.

What makes the Synthestech project special is that the raised funds will be allocated to acquiring the tangible assets - a laboratory and equipment. This will provide Synthestech with the necessary tools to conduct further experiments and industrialize the technology for Cold synthesis of platinum metals.
Synthestech reports that the laboratory complex will be built just several months after the ICO end. This will mark a giant leap forward in the Cold Fusion technology development.
Thus, the Synthestech project can demonstrate to their potential investors that the company has already done solid work, having invested great efforts, resources and time. The project has already achieved impressive results and distinctive Know-how. Moreover, the funds invested into the project are firmly secured in the form of a laboratory and equipment.

To invest into a machine that produces precious metals? Why not? After all, not too long ago people have learned how to make artificial diamonds, and a little earlier it was discovered that mold can be used to produce a medication which can cure numerous illnesses - antibiotics.
So, it is a distinct possibility for the Synthestech token holders to hit the jackpot.