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We are developing the most significant innovation of century. We apply Cold Fusion phenomenon
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We accept: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
We raised the necessary funds for the first stage and started the planned work
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"Investing in Bitcoin still looks a lot less reasonable than investing in cold fusion" 21.01.2018

Paul Krugman - Nobel laureate in economics
"Our technology will cost billions of dollars, because this is a technological breakthrough that will bring huge revenues"

Vladislav Karabanov - Synthestech Project Manager
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Why STT Tokens are destined to skyrocket?
Synthestech is the world's first independent laboratory designed for the technology development for production of platinum and valuable isotopes through Cold Fusion. This is a real disruptive technology in chemistry. The time of great changes has come, but not in the blockchain protocols (those good days are gone), rather in Cold Fusion. If this word is new to you, then you should keep it in mind, since the whole world will be talking about it soon.
What's important is that we have already achieved first results and they are stunning,

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but not yet stable. In order to deliver stable results, we plan to build a Cold Fusion laboratory to carry out hundreds of tests every day. This will enable us to develop a technology for the production of platinum metals and valuable isotopes on a commercial scale. The development rights will belong to the Synthestech laboratory, and the rights to profit from the developed technology will be recorded in the blockchain protocols.
Blockchain is a technology for recording information about values and its transaction - it is virtual information. Cold Transmutation is a method of producing tangible and objective values - it is a physical information.
Why Synthestech project is the most promising ICO project
  1. "Synthestech"project is unique both in terms of its technology and its perspectives. The number of other digital projects is increasing in geometric progression, but there are almost no projects like "Synthestech" based on a global technological breakthrough.

  2. After the "Synthestech" technological goals are achieved, the added value will reach hundreds of percent, since there are no and there will be no competitors for a long time. While competition in other economic sectors is growing and the "pie" is getting smaller and soon there will not be enough left for everyone.

  3. The platinum metals market, for which "Synthestech" is developing the synthesis technology, is worth annually 12-14 billion dollars. There is a constant demand for these metals in industry, electronics, medicine. And there are even more project's opportunities. Objective perspectives are a lot wider.

  4. The technological research base, on which funds will be spent, is also an objective value, and not a software product.
Why You Should Buy "Synthestech" Tokens - STT
  1. STT Tokens emission is aimed at creating real material values - precious metals, which will always be valued. While program codes might become useless, when better codes emerge.

  2. STT will give the right to receive profit from innovative technology that is unrivaled now and will remain so in the near future.

  3. The STT token price, as the project progresses and capitalization increases, will grow tens and maybe hundreds of times.

  4. The basis of the STT project and its revenues is the unique know-how and innovative technology known to a narrow circle of people. This is complicated knowledge that takes a long time to implement. Perhaps tens of years. This technology will permanently yield income. At the same time, cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency projects are also innovative, but many intelligent programmers create a lot of competing programs.
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The technology of Cold Transmutation allows to transform certain chemical elements into others, more valuable and rare ones, without the use of enormous energy impacts. For example, transformation of tungsten - into platinum. Phenomenon of Cold Transmutation was discovered in recent decades. Our team develops this technology; we have conducted hundreds of experiments and achieved phenomenal results. Among those results is obtaining of platinum group metals.
Precious metals
Platinum metals and other valuable elements obtained as a result of Cold Transmutation will be used in modern industry and jewellery.
Valuable isotopes
As a result of Transmutation, chemical elements with a modified isotopic composition can be obtained. They are in demand in the electronics industry.
Elements obtained through Cold Transmutation, according to historical data, have a powerful biogenic effect. They also increase life expectancy.
Project Details
To transform the developed know-how into industrial technology we need a modern laboratory complex. The raised funds will be used for construction of a laboratory complex and development of a technology on an industrial scale.
The laboratory complex should include:
- an analytical laboratory with the most modern equipment;
- a laboratory for purification and separation of substances;
- a platform with processing complexes for production of Cold Transmutation reactors.

In this laboratory a sufficient number of experiments and tests will be carried out. Analyzes will be carried out to elaborate the industrial version of the technology. Several dozen pilot models of Cold Transmutation reactors will be created.
After the end of the research phase, we will move on to active commercialization phase of the project and gain access to the international market.
The commercial perspectives of our technology enable us to enter the platinum metal market worth
$ 12-15 billion
Platinum Market
"...Industrial consumption rose strongly to almost 2 million oz, with firm demand in most sectors."
(Johnson Matthey, Precious Metals Management)
Project Roadmap
Confident achievement of the set goals
Private Sale & Pre-ICO
December 2017 - January 2018
Start Private Sale and Pre-ICO
March - May 2018
Start ICO
Construction Kick-start
April - August 2018
Construction of a separately located laboratory building
with area of 500 m2
Mastering the Technology
August 2018 - October 2019
Mastering the technology of Cold Transmutation for commercial use.
Implementation of the commercial phase
October - December 2019
Commercialization of the achieved results
Receiving dividends from investments
January 2020
Profit distribution using crypto currency or fiat money
We have carried out many experiments. We know how to transform one element into another
We carry out a research on Transformation of low-value chemical elements into valuable ones using the method of Cold Transmutation
(LENR transmutation). Read more in our White Paper
Our Team
Our team unites people who know how to deliver results
Vladislav Karabanov
Head and Founder of the Project
Developer of the Cold Transmutation Method. He has 30 years experience in management of commercial and research projects.

Dmitry Pushkarev
Manager of Engineering Work
Experienced engineer, specialist in working with various construction designs. He is able to implement the most daring design ideas and operating models.

Roman Karabanov
Head of Laboratory "Synthestech"
He developed a number of methods of Cold Transmutation used by "Synthestech". Project Administrator.

Nadezhda Fedyakina
Community manager
She has experience in negotiations and project promotion.

Team of experienced engineers and technicians of "Synthestech"
Engineers and qualified specialists in various fields with skills required to carry out researches.
Minds from all over the world support our project
Yuri Bazhutov
PhD in Physics and Mathematics
Theoretician and experimenter. Over 30 years of experience in Cold Nuclear Transmutation of chemical elements. He stood at the cradle of development of Cold Transmutation in the world and in Russia.
Vladimir Krivitsky
PhD in geology and mineralogy at the Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU)
An outstanding Russian scientist in geochemistry, author of numerous scientific articles and 3 books on transmutation of chemical elements
Denis Kozulin
PhD in Chemistry
Specialist in Analytical Chemistry. Deputy Director of the Institute of Chemistry and Ecology of Vyatka State University. Head of Analytical Chemistry Center.
Ghezza Matter

Financial advisor
Trust and Compliance Operations Manager at ZEDRA Group
STEP Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Geneva, Switzerland

Sergiy Oliynyk
Doctor of Biological Science
Author of more than 200 scientific works and 10 patented inventions, acting engineer and researcher in the R&D Center Weverinstruments Co., LTD, Seoul, Korea

Photo Gallery
It cannot but rejoice that young blood also joins the number of like-minded people - the Karabanov team Synthestech - for example,. I was glad to learn that young people have joined our research and, also, is achieving its success in this area.
Alexander Parkhomov
Physicist, Specialist in LENR
We were pleased to know that in Russia there is a group that studies the same phenomena. It's very good that there is a team like "Synthestech", because the winner is the one who moves.
Yuri Bazhutov
Physicist, Organizer of the Conference on RCCNT&BL
Investing in Bitcoin still looks a lot less reasonable than investing in cold fusion
Nobel laureate in economics
We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions
What is transmutation?
Transmutation is a process of transformation of one chemical element into another one. We are only interested in the transformation of low-value elements into valuable ones.

For further information please visit our website: And read our article "Perspectives of LENR in the world economy"
When is the first profit available?
The project will start to pay off after the production launch. We hope to accomplish that by 2020. However, there is a very high probability that investors can gain profit long before 2020. Since, the project capitalization will rise right after the laboratory construction.

More detailed information can be found in the article: How to make money investing in Cold Fusion by "Synthestech"

How will the profit be accrued?
Tokens will grant the right to receive dividends. Dividends come from any kind of asset built for the development of technology. We will receive money in traditional currencies, then convert it to crypto-currencies at the current conversion rate and then transfer it to the wallets of the token holders.

We will write a detailed article and instructions on this issue.

In addition, tokens can be traded on the secondary market. As the capitalization of the project increases, experts predict that the cost of tokens will grow significantly.
What are the guarantees of my investments?
Unlike projects entirely built on the blockchain where investments are spent on software, we are planning to use the money raised during our ICO for purchase of equipment and construction of a laboratory. This means that investments are not about an abstract programming code, but they provide quite real assets.
Where can I learn more about the technology?
You can read detailed information on our website

The project manager V. Karabanov presents the Synthestech project in the following video: Video presentation of the project for Cold transmutation of chemical elements

We also recommend reading the following article: Tasks and results of the LENR Transmutation experiments by “Synthestech".
Do you have any competitors?
There are many groups that deal with the phenomenon of Low-energy Nuclear Reactions, but these researches are purely scientific in nature. Their results have no commercial perspectives.

We are engaged in development of commercially applicable technologies. We have developed several know-hows in the LENR field which no one else has. They give us confidence in the soonest commercial result. We have made significant progress and are far ahead of all the existing scientific groups in this field. Read more at
What will my investment be spent on?
First of all, on material objects - the construction of a laboratory and purchase of equipment. Detailed information on this is written in our White Paper.
Why did you choose ICO and do not appeal to large investors?
Today ICO is the most modern and effective method of investment. Large investors set the terms of investment themselves, in addition, they can change them at any time. There is a risk of interception of development results, both to outrun us and to put the development on ice.

ICO is a modern market mechanism for investment. Anyone can participate in the project, both large and small investors. In addition, there is an opportunity to exit the investment project at any stage, thanks to the secondary market system.
Why can't you obtain valuable elements and thus finance the project?
Our development results amount so far one hundredths and a thousandths of a gram. It is obvious to us that research in this field is very promising, there are practically no competitors so far. However, to continue our research in order to develop a high-precision technology, we need modern and expensive equipment.

You can read more in The interview with V. Karabanov, the Head of the project.
Contact us:
Phone: +41 22 501-30-40
(8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. CET)

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