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We collected the necessary funds and implemented the planned.
The project perspectives are unlimited
Thanks to all project participants !
A revolutionary product has been created that increases the number of stem cells in humans. We are starting production.

Sales started

A lot of People have invested in our project
People who trusted us, understanding the prospects of the project
The history of the Synteztech ICO project and the receipt of phenomenal results on Cold Transmutation.
In 2016, the task was to find a way for the controlled and effective implementation of the Cold Transmutation of chemical elements (the conversion of low-value chemical elements into valuable ones).

At the end of 2016, the beginning of 2017, an understanding of the conditions of the Cold Transmutation process arose. A number of critical Know-How was developed and key components that needed to be included in the process were identified. During this period, several hundred experiments were carried out and more than a hundred different analyzes of chemical elements were made. An analysis was carried out of both the initial matrix and the substance obtained after processing.
Dozens of modifications of Cold Transmutation reactors of chemical elements have been created and tested. We found a combination of reagents and compositions of chemical elements that provided the Cold Transmutation process.

At the end of 2017, the ICO of the Synteztech project started. With the participation of own funds and partially with funds received from the sale of STT tokens, a research center was built and equipped.

In 2018-2019, the Sinteztech research group conducted successful experimental and research work. The technology of Cold Transmutation of chemical elements was mastered, the first grams of a valuable substance were obtained. And the first experiments were conducted. Thanks to Cold Synthesis technology, we have created a mineral that can repeatedly enhance the natural reproduction of stem cells.
Experiments on mice showed a tremendous increase in the number of stem cells - the basis of life for all mammals.

Today, Synteztech is the only company in the world that owns this technology.The rearrangement of atoms allows one to obtain some stable elements from others, making them especially valuable for restoring the natural potential of a person, preserving youth and health.

On October 29, 2019, in Geneva, at the Suisse de la presse club, the Synteztech project announced the sensational research results and presented the first product released thanks to long and fruitful work, as well as thanks to investments of more than 1,100 people - holders of STT tokens.

In 2020, according to our Roadmap, STT token holders will receive the first dividends.The Synthestech project is one of the few ICO-projects of global practice that has achieved its goals.

We invite everyone to join our project at the stage of implementation of the third stage - the industrial production of "SYNTHESIT IRON" - a particularly valuable mineral that multiplies the number of stem cells.
5 reasons to by STT-tokens:
  1. Today we have mastered the production of the valuable mineral "SYNTHESIT IRON", which multiplies the number of stem cells. The cost of 1 gram of such a substance is in the range of 3000 - 6000 dollars. We are currently preparing the release of the first batch.
  2. In November 2019, we embarked on the 3rd stage of technology implementation - the construction of a large production hall capable of accommodating a sufficient number of substance-generating plants using the technology of Cold Nuclear Fusion.
  3. The Sinteztech project is unique both in its technology and in its prospects. There are practically no projects of the Synthestech type based on a global technological breakthrough.
  4. The market of bioadditives, which Synthesis is working on developing a synthesis technology, is billions of dollars. In addition, there are many other areas where there is a demand for elements obtained by Cold Nuclear Fusion. And this is only part of the project's capabilities. Objective prospects are even wider.
  5. The implementation of industrial production, which will be spent on funds, and as a result, the high-value product itself, the cost of which is in the range from 3000 to 6000 dollars per gram, is an objective material value that ensures the safety of investments. In addition, STT token holders worth more than $ 400 will be able to get access to SYNTHESIT without a queue, withdrawing their tokens at a price at least 2 times higher than in November 2019.
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Application of technology
Elements obtained by Cold Transmutation have a powerful biogenic effect. Helps the body multiply stem cells. The cost of a substance per gram reaches $ 6000
Valuable isotopes
As a result of Transmutation, chemical elements with a modified isotopic composition can be obtained. They are in demand in the electronics industry.
Scientific justification
Thousands of studies around the world says: "Cold Fusion is at the forefront of science"
At the moment, the phenomenon is confirmed by our developments. We are already getting the valuable FERRUM element, which has a powerful biogenic effect. This phenomenon has been studied in thousands of experiments by hundreds of groups around the world. There are more than a dozen well-developed theories that correspond to the modern concept of physics.
We offer an overview of the most interesting practical and theoretical works in this field.
The commercial prospects of our technology open up a multi-billion dollar market
Project Details
Innovations are the most efficient way to the Highest Profit
To transfer the created know-how to industrial technology, we have created a modern laboratory complex. The funds raised were used to create a laboratory and develop technology for its replication in an industrial format.
Today the laboratory complex includes:
- an analytical laboratory with the most modern equipment;
- a laboratory for the production, purification and separation of substances;

At the moment, we have build a plant which processing facilities for the manufacture of Cold Transmutation reactors.
We have completed the research period and came to the phase of active commercialization of the project to enter the international market. However, our research and development is ongoing.
Project Roadmap
Confident achievement of the set goals
Private Sale & Pre-ICO
December 2017 - January 2018
Start Private Sale and Pre-ICO
March 2018 - March 2020
Start ICO
Construction Kick-start
April - August 2018
Construction of a separately located laboratory building
with area of 500 m2
Mastering the Technology
August 2018 - October 2019
Mastering the technology of Cold Transmutation for commercial use.
Implementation of the commercial phase
October 2019 - March 2020
Construction of the production unit, entering the market
Receiving dividends from investments
June 2020
Profit distribution using crypto currency or fiat money

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What is an STT token
The best investments
Synthestech tokens (ticker - STT) are dividend tokens, which together give the right to receive 36% of the profits from the use of the technology and from production through ST Global inc. company registered in Belize. Profit can be generated by obtaining royalties from the organization of own production of especially valuable elements, starting with the element that multiplies the number of stem cells - "SYNTHESIT IRON". The bulk of the funds of the first and second stages of the ICO went to the creation of an equipped laboratory and the creation of Know-How. The bulk of the funds of the THIRD - current stage of the ICO (November 2019 - March 2020) will be used to create an industrial site to meet the needs of a huge number of comers and enter the international market.
Synthestech tokens are a great investment opportunity.
Simple, reliable, profitable
A perfect balance of risks and prospects for huge profits
Currently, about 60% of investments are secured by real assets.
Among the assets: the Laboratory Building and the urban area, equipment for analytical chemistry - Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, sample preparation equipment, and other analytical chemistry tools.
In addition, we have machines and various processing equipment in our assets.
Unlike crypto projects, we do not create computer code, the production of which can be very expensive, but in the end it can have no value.
Of course, there were risks, but they were acceptable in comparison with the prospects that have already been revealed to all our investors.
ICO Sinteztech is one of the few projects that has already taken place, which already in 2020 will begin to pay the first charges on tokens.
We conducted a huge number of experiments.
We learned how to turn one element into another, mastered the technology of Cold Nuclear Fusion and get a mineral that safely multiplies the number of stem cells. This is a breakthrough in the field of prolonging youth and maintaining health.
We are engaged in the conversion of low-value chemical elements into especially valuable ones by the method of cold nuclear transmutation
(LENR transmutation). Read more in our White Paper
Our Team
Our team unites people who know how to deliver results
Vladislav Karabanov
Head and Founder of the Project
Developer of the Cold Transmutation Method. He has 30 years experience in management of commercial and research projects.
Dmitry Pushkarev
Manager of Engineering Work
Experienced engineer, specialist in working with various construction designs. He is able to implement the most daring design ideas and operating models.
Roman Karabanov
Head of Laboratory "Synthestech"
He developed a number of methods of Cold Transmutation used by "Synthestech". Project Administrator.
Team of experienced engineers and technicians of "Synthestech"
Engineers and qualified specialists in various fields with skills required to carry out researches.
Photo Gallery
We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions
What is transmutation?
Transmutation is a process of transformation of one chemical element into another one. We are only interested in the transformation of low-value elements into valuable ones.

For further information please visit our website: And read our article "Perspectives of LENR in the world economy"
When is the first profit available?
The project will begin to pay off when production is established. In 2020, this will already happen. Today we receive many pre-orders for the product even without advertising, due to its exceptional features of beneficial effects on the body.
How will the profit be accrued?
Tokens will grant the right to receive dividends. Dividends come from any kind of asset built for the development of technology. We will receive money in traditional currencies, then convert it to crypto-currencies at the current conversion rate and then transfer it to the wallets of the token holders.

After March 2020, tokens can be sold in the secondary market. As the project capitalization increases, experts predict that the value of tokens will increase significantly. In addition, it will be possible to pay for part of our products with tokens, while receiving benefits up to two times.
What are the guarantees of my investments?
Unlike projects built entirely on the blockchain, where investments are made in software, with the money received (during the first two stages of the ICO), we purchased unique equipment and built the laboratory center building, conducted research and achieved unprecedented results. This means that the investment is already not an abstract program code, but quite real assets. At the third stage, the investments will mainly be used for the construction and purchase of additional equipment as part of the scaling up of our cold fusion technology and entering the international market.
Where can I learn more about the technology?
You can read the information on our website, as well as read our latest blog news.
Do you have any competitors?
What will my investment be spent on?
The investments of the third stage of the ICO will go first of all to tangible objects - the construction of a large production hall and equipment.
Why did you choose ICO and do not appeal to large investors?
Today ICO is the most modern and effective method of investment. Large investors set the terms of investment themselves, in addition, they can change them at any time. There is a risk of interception of development results, both to outrun us and to put the development on ice.

ICO is a modern market mechanism for investment. Anyone can participate in the project, both large and small investors. In addition, there is an opportunity to exit the investment project at any stage, thanks to the secondary market system.
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