Memorandum Project Synthestech 2021
ST Global (Beliz)
First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to all Project participants and those who made their contribution to its financing and promotion. Synthetech Project is the implementation of a breakthrough in the field of physics, chemistry and human health. A broad manifestation of this fact is still to come. Much remains to be realized. I know that the will of many participants to join the project was dictated by the inner voice to participate in important achievements. Your intuition has not failed you.

As is well known, Synthetech project is at the stage of its commercial realization.

2020 was a difficult year for the entire humanity and a lot of projects were closed. However, despite all the difficulties of challenging times we were able to develop the project and move to the stage of bringing STT Project tokens to the exchange trading, as well as to the first stage of accruals for STT tokens.

This means that Synthetech is a successful Project.

The first accrual numbers are not yet as important as the fact itself. Because the vast majority of projects that had raised huge amounts of money simply vanished during this difficult period. Your participation in Synthetech Project will bring good profit to all who have supported it.

During this difficult period we have managed to start the production and bring it to market. The difficult time is not over yet but we have already done a lot to look forward to the future with optimism.

We have created a unique and breakthrough product that will contribute to an actual extension of an active and fulfilling human life.

It was important for us to move to the phase of making the Project enter an exchange, as a sign of the transition to a new stage. Nevertheless, it is necessary to give a few explanations to the memorandum which is presented below.

Firstly, we fulfill our obligation to exchange STT tokens at the $3 rate per 1 (one) token through the mechanism of obtaining a discount when purchasing the product. This is quite a good rate for one token. Many participants, to their delight, took advantage of this. We are glad that the discount mechanism made it possible for the Project participants to receive our unique product at a significant discount. This opportunity should support the high exchange rate of our token since STT is ensured with a real product.

Secondly, as expected, we are going to start making accruals when the sales volume of the products containing a valuable mineral - our iron, reaches 30,000 packages. This stage will be reached in March 2021. However, due to the fact that the mineral amount in packages will be different, and in the near future our iron can be sold or transferred in its pure form, the account of token accruals is kept and will be kept according to the amount of synthesized iron grams.

Thirdly, due to some technical shortcomings of STT tokens for withdrawal to the exchange, tokens that were withdrawn to wallets are subject to exchange for STT2 tokens (information about the exchange will be given soon).Only tokens obtained legally are subject to exchange. Tokens that are currently held on personal accounts in Synthestech system are exchanged automatically. Those who have Project participation agreement in paper can also receive STT2 tokens or remain our terms of agreement in the form of paper contracts.

V.A. Karabanov
Memorandum 2021-02-15
ST Global Inc. (Beliz) (the "Company") is a partner of the financing program of the Project of valuable element cold fusion technology development of Synthestech Project (the "Project") under the leadership of Vladislav Karabanov.

In 2018, ST Global Inc. issued 18 million STT tokens to finance the investment program of Synthestech Project that is 36% of the total amount of the Project units if they are presented in tokens.

The token is a unit of account, and can be expressed both in the form of an digital STT token, and in the form of a record in the investor's dashboard.

According to White Paper, STT tokens do not grant shareholders' rights and rights to the technology. The benefit of STT token holders can be obtained by a provided discount when exchanging tokens for a part of the product cost received from the use of the developed technology. The tokens that are not used for the discount are accounted with the accruals in accordance with the estimated cost of the synthesized elements.

The discount is calculated as $3 per 1 (one) token. The price can be further changed depending on the token rate growth.

In 2019, the Project developed the technology of cold fusion (LENR) of iron which has a high biological activity and is a particularly valuable mineral. In 2020, the Russian-Swiss group of companies (hereinafter referred to as the Group of companies) started the production of synthesized iron using the technology developed by Synthestech Project. The iron has biological activity and is sold for pharmaceutical purposes in the creation of dietary supplements produced under "Synthesit" trademark.

Under the terms of the agreement between ST Global Inc. and Synthestech Project, production companies that create products based on its technology exchange tokens for a discount on their products at the rate of $3 per 1 token. Or, if the owner of the tokens has no intention of the exchange for a discount, the Company is accrued with tokens according to the calculation for each gram of the product, which, in turn, it charges for tokens. All calculations are made in convertible crypto units, the cost of which is presented in U.S. dollars for convenience.

The amount of accruals per gram is set as an economically justified market price. For products shipped before March 1, 2021, it is set as $1,000 for each gram of bioactive iron released. (The calculation is attached below).

The technical mechanism of accruals will be announced in March.

Results as at March 1, 2021

As at March 2021, Synthestech project plans to increase the synthesis of bioactive iron to 500 grams. That corresponds to 29,900 packages of "Synthesit" of 16 mg. and 1,200 packages of 18 mg. Thus, in March 2021, it is planned to increase the production to 500 g of bioactive iron.

The amount of accruals for the entire project will be $500,000 that in terms of 1 (one) STT token is equal to $0.01.

In spite of the fact that the current profitability of production does not provide payments of $1,000 per gram for the entire project, however all holders of tokens and shares will be accrued based on this calculation. Since in the future there is a prospect to reach these profitability ratio.

The accrual is made among other things due to the fact that the owners of the main shares do not yet receive the accruals.

Plans for 2021

According to the preliminary financial plan for 2021 the Synthetech project predicts the annual sales of synthesized iron (not counting the already produced) to reach 9,600 grams. The estimated amount of accruals for the Project will be $9,600,000 in terms of 1 (one) STT token (STT2) equal to $0.192.

(The implementation of this plan depends on our foreign partners, as well as the expected cancellation of the pandemic).

The next accruals for tokens will be made when the release of the next 2,000 grams of synthesized and sold bioactive iron is reached.

In the first quarter of 2021, ST Global Inc. plans to do the listing and place STT2 tokens for exchange on one of the crypto-currency exchanges.

An addendum to the memorandum, which is an integral part of it.

The memorandum reflects only the most significant provisions of the current state of the project.

The memorandum may not accurately state some of the details, as well as not address the essential points, which will be provided if necessary.

The original text of this memorandum is in Russian. Important details may be either ambiguous or distorted during translation.